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What is the Jive Software?

The Jive is a social software platform for businesses that replaces your intranet for Interactive Social network. It brings features of an intranet with social functions into your main relationship with advanced collaboration features and tools. Has the best in Corporate Social Network and be surprised with the results achieved.


Jive-n – Interactive Intranet


Social intranet boosts employee productivity and engagement

It’s time to uncomplicate things. Jive-n offers a place with everything you need to do your job. It works wherever you go, with fantastic and integrated mobile application that will keep you connected anywhere. It works with your other systems and tools the perfect collaboration in their applications. And it’s incredibly fast and easy for businesses of any size, configure, solve real business challenges and deliver huge value from day one.



See how the Jive-n can help your employees to work better together.

Jive-x – Employees, Customers and Suppliers

Online community to engage and supportJive-x

Looking for an online community to build your brand, increase sales or provide online support? Jive-x does it all, supporting and accelerating every step of the process from the client, since the research products for purchase, support and their defense. Turn visitors into prospects, potential customers into loyal customers. It’s fast and low cost through the cloud, and has helped many of the leading world companies attract, win and retain customers like never before.



Try the Jive-x, your solution for social community.

Why choose Jive?

Around the world and in all markets, companies are using the Jive to improve your communications, reduce costs, gain competitiveness and deliver a better experience for your customers and employees, here are some of them:


Our community and collaboration solutions are built to solve real-world business challenges. Each solution is customized to meet specific functions each market type.

Health systems are dealing with rapid changes in the provision of services, reimbursement and patients ‘ expectations. It’s more important than ever that your employees to communicate and collaborate easily and without obstacles to offer values-based care. The Jive simplifies the lives of your employees with a single platform for collaboration and communication. The Jive also supports the HIPAA standard and is certified ISO 27001:2013 in addition to being used by several hospitals around the world.
Relationship and support

The work is changing and the conventional intranets evolved. CIOs and it leaders need a new generation of social intranet, mobile and connected-connecting people, information, and systems in organizations, geographies, tools and devices.

The interactive Intranet Jive is a single point of access for employees, customers and suppliers to collaborate and communicate wherever they are. The Jive offers major improvements in productivity, offers a deeply engaging consumer experience that encourages the adoption and integrates seamlessly with your existing systems and applications.


The industry sector is changing, as well as the expectations of customers. Companies must become more agile, collaborative, innovative and customer-centric. At the same time, they have to meet increasingly high standards of accountability and compliance.

The Jive can help you rise to the challenge and get a real competitive advantage with a center of highly secure communication and collaboration that aligns and energizes your entire digital workforce. It allows all the people, systems and devices work better together-and deliver customer experiences much better – while drastically reduce operating costs and meet regulatory and compliance requirements.


Connect your students, teachers and parents in a safe environment and restricted where its material may shared by creating a unique possibility of relationship among the participants. Define groups by classes, subjects, make your online library, create your student profile, and present the power to be connected in a secure and professional network.

Finish the silos and enable a fast and fluid collaboration with a safe solution, engaging and easy to use. Jive provides quick access, knowledge and information across your organization, improving the quality and opportunity, while driving new efficiencies and substantial cost savings.